There are some paintings that can only be considered done when they’re framed. I provide elegant box/floating frames in many different thicknesses and colour. The frames are made of strong spruce wood and are available in any size possible. The stunning thing about box frames is that it looks like your painting is truly floating in the frame. On this page you can read more about what I can do in terms of framing canvas. 


Normally for framing the canvas I use spruce wood frames which have a 1 cm front thickness. The space between the canvas and the frame is 0,5 cm on each side. If you want different measurements, it’s always possible to discuss this with me. The frames always come in a natural colour. I can also choose the right colour to make sure the painting will be nicely accentuated by the frame. It’s possible to provide a frame in any size. 

The framing itself happens by simply screwing the frame to the canvas. While doing that, I always make sure I treat the canvas carefully. Screwing the canvas to the frame does not damage the painting. It only screws a tiny hole in the frame and the stretcher bars of the canvas. With temporary small pieces of 0,5 cm foam board, I’ll make sure the painting is framed straight and presentable.


If you choose to colour your frame, the options are countless. Every colour possible lies within my capabilities. Classic black, warm red or even multiple shades of shiny gold. Colour the frame with a highlight of the painting? Multiple colours in one frame? You name it!  

I colour frames by spraying with acrylic spray cans or by hand with a brush. Using only the highest quality paint to provide a beautiful and durable end result.

To protect the colour and enlarge the resistance of the lightfastness, I can add a transparent coating to the frame. Available in matt or gloss finish. 

Hanging mechanisms

Every framing includes a free, strong hanging mechanism. Made of stainless steel wire, professionally mounted on the frame. It can hold both light and heavy paintings and frames. With these mechanisms you don’t have to worry about the fresh new bought painting in your bedroom will surprisingly wake you up at night as it falls on your head…

Of course it is also possible to have a separate hanging mechanism. For a small price I will mount my stainless steel hanging mechanisms on you painting, frame and who knows what more.