My name is Tom de Hundt. I am a self taught artist with a great passion for painting. As a graduated graphic designer, I started painting in 2017 as occupational therapy and never stopped since. In 5 years I’ve build up a great relationship with art and developed myself in painting, printmaking and drawing. Using media such as oils, acrylics, gouache, lino cutting, ink and print technique. 

My style of art can be described as semi-realism, build up through surreal concepts. Always trying to push my topics to the edge, leaving the viewer questioned. Main topics I like to use are society, religion, music, film and history. 

Besides making art, I am a professional canvas stretcher. I have build canvasses for many artists, galleries, collectors and hobbyists. I can stretch almost any material. In all sizes. Thick or thin, wood or aluminium. 

The art of framing canvas is also within my range of working. I frame works in delicate box/floating frames, which give the work a very elegant touch. Available in any color you can think of and any size.