Tom de Hundt

Tom de Hundt

contemporary artist


As a graduated graphic and media designer, I started acrylic painting in 2017 as a hobby and occupational therapy. My education was based on computer work and digital designing, so after my school I had the urge to start working with my hands. Besides painting, I also make lino prints and drawings. 

My work can be considered as a colorful combination of landscaping, surrealism and satire. In my works I like to create contrasts between the real world and the untouchable. The logical and the illogical. Inspiration for my work comes from music, film, history and society. Artists I take inspiration from are Edward Hopper, David Hockney and Salvador DalĂ­. The world we live in comes with a lot of weirdness, injustice and contradictions. The scenes I create in my head are based on these things and transferring the thoughts onto paper and canvas makes my art a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Besides painting, drawing and printing I also build canvasses and frame work with care and craftsmanship.